Keeping Your Customer’s Secrets

Cray Computers are priced anywhere from $500,000 for their “discount” XC30-AC model all the way up to $60 million for the Cray Titan. The company is world-famous for their line of supercomputers, and their products are used by many of the biggest companies – and governments – around the globe.

Recently, Cray mentioned that a major league baseball team had purchased one of their supercomputers – they aren’t saying which team or even which model of computer – to power its analysis of real-time statistics during a game. The obvious intent behind such an expensive purchase was to give this “mystery team” an advantage over their opponents while it still matters – during the actual game in progress. In today’s era of sports-as-megabusiness, the slimmest of perceived advantages are zealously pursued – and protected – by every team and player.

This anecdote shines a light on a relatively common problem that has always existed with client portfolios; companies can’t always mention their customers by name.  Quite often they can’t say anything at all about a project because that would give the client’s competition an inside look at their process and possibly dilute the advantage they enjoy. This can become especially frustrating for the sales and marketing types who love to brag about every important deal in their pursuit of the next one.

At Coghlin Companies, we are quite often precluded from telling anyone exactly what we are doing for a particular client.  Aside from the obvious examples of products we manufacture for the homeland security and similarly sensitive sectors, we can’t always share some of the most impressive work we do. To do so would be against the best interests of our client, and that makes it in our best interest to stay quiet.

The caring associates at both Columbia Tech and Cogmedix work hard every day to bring our clients’ products to market. More often than not, the products we manufacture for our customers do something that the world didn’t even know was possible – yet. Because we work with innovators and global leaders in various industries, the odds are the product we are building today will lead an industry tomorrow. For that reason, it’s only natural that many of our customers ask us to help keep their secrets safe.

We will, of course, comply with that request every time.