Do You Hate Your Boss?

You know the feeling! The very thought or mention of your boss causes your knuckles to turn white and your blood pressure to go through the roof. Family members and friends know to avoid mentioning his or her name unless they want the conversation to take a turn for the worse. Dealing with a bad boss can be emotionally draining and exhausting if it’s someone you don’t like or can’t trust.

Is it possible to find a silver lining in such a situation? Yes! Before you fly off the handle or pack up your personal things and head for the exit, there are several simple rules that can help you win the day.

Become Your Boss’s Ally

Choosing to become your boss’s ally could be a tough pill to swallow because you may be harboring a lot of animosity toward your boss. In reality, your mission is to support your boss’s initiatives at work. The obvious exceptions would be if you boss wants you to do something immoral, illegal or destructive to yourself, someone or the organization.

Sit Tight and Ride it Out

Your situation at work might be like a bad weather day. Difficult situations often take time to change. Relationships and what others expect of you can change and evolve over time. The result may be a far different work environment than your first one. Keep a balanced mind. Not everything will go in your favor, even if you’re the perfect employee. There will be things and outcomes in life that you’ll simply have no control over.

Create an Exit Plan

Change is the one constant in life! If your work situation is hopeless, move on to greener pastures. Sure, there are always obligations in life that can bind you to a job. However, the reality is that you will always be responsible for your career. While maintaining your professional demeanor on the job, search for a better career opportunity elsewhere.

There could be something better for you just down the road. Just remember to leave your present job with your integrity and good name intact.

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