Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups

In the modern American business landscape, few have been more successful – and outspoken – than Mark Cuban. If his $2.7 Billion net worth isn’t impressive enough for you, a quick glance at the list of companies with which he is involved is truly staggering.  (For those who may be unfamiliar with his portfolio of companies, his website will give you an idea of just how many recognizable names he’s helped launch.)

He certainly has a proven track record in launching successful new endeavors. However, this level of expertise never comes without the inevitable occasional mistake made or diversionary path taken. Pitfalls and traps abound and – having been down the same path a few times – Cuban knows where most of them are.

Never one to be even remotely shy about voicing his opinions or about offering advice to anyone who will listen, Cuban has now condensed his experience into 12 Rules for Startups:

12 Rules for Startups

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