Should the New Pro Soccer Stadium be in Boston?

The New England Revolution is on the search for a new stadium to call home, and Boston might just be it. While some soccer fans are eager to see this stadium come to town, especially as the sport becomes increasingly popular in American society, others are saying that the city already has enough traffic and congestion.

Building the stadium in Boston can help to drive the economy. With the presence of a stadium, jobs will emerge for concession vendors, seat escorts, marketers and the like. For those who are experiencing the side effects of a downtrodden economy, the soccer stadium could be a true boon. Additionally, the stadium can help to drive more tourism and travel to the city. People who are looking for family-friendly activities in an outdoor setting can purchase tickets to the soccer game. This stadium will give travelers and residents a choice amongst more sports to watch.

On the other hand, Boston is a city with a lot of traffic and congestion. Adding a new soccer stadium will likely increase the influx of individuals to the area. Furthermore, it will cost money to build the stadium, and some residents feel that these funds could be better allocated. Other cities and areas are also hoping that the stadium will be built within their limits. Soccer stadiums have the ability to revitalize areas that are hurting or that have problems with crime. While Boston has some areas that could use a bit of uplifting, other cities in the New England region are in-need of more help.

Whether or not the new professional soccer stadium should be built in Boston is going to depend upon many factors, and quite a few of them relate to financial or economic means. Only time will tell if the New England Revolution will soon grace the streets of Boston.


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