Employee Engagement and Wellness Top Priorities

Employee engagement and wellness continues to be a hot topic in business circles, as executives look for more ways to increase productivity and boost growth. At the same time, the job market is improving enough that some managers are becoming concerned about ways to keep their best people.

A recent report entitled “State of the Industry: Engagement & Wellness in 2015” by Virgin Pulse in partnership with Human Capital Media revealed some notable findings about the state of workforce engagement and wellness. The researchers conducted a survey of 1,400 Human Resources Management professionals to gain greater insight.

The findings were eye-opening.

  • The report found that managers and executives see employee engagement and wellness in starkly different ways. Executives feel that the two terms can be applied to the same workplace activities while managers are much more results oriented and break the link.
  • When asked, over 77% of firms said they were not considering shifting to private health insurance.
  • Twenty-six percent of firms are not even bothering to measure return on investment for their engagement and wellness programs. Those that do measure ROI, do so primarily based on reduction in insurance claims, while slightly over a quarter are measuring engagement goals.

Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce commented on the report that due to the stress and competition of modern life, executives are continuing to make efforts to improve employee engagement and wellness. He noted “That has a major impact on how engaged and productive people are both on and off the job, so leading employers are taking steps to change that.”

In that way, employers can keep their best people, improve productivity and create a healthier work environment.

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