Burgers and Kale? – Fast Food Takes a Healthy Twist in Boston

Ever heard of a fast food burger joint that sells fruit smoothies – and kale? Well, you have now.

Meet Jon Olinto and Anthony Ackil, childhood friends and co-owners of the Boston-based b.good fast food chain.

Started in 2004, b.good’s goal was to sell high-quality fare, proving that fast food can still be real food. The pair started with burgers and fries and was focusing on growth when Olinto realized the gourmet burger market was rapidly becoming saturated.

The company quickly expanded its offerings to include items like acai berry smoothies, kale and quinoa, reaching out and grabbing the business of even those who rarely eat hamburgers.

While hamburgers and fries are still on the menu, the addition of healthier choices has proven successful – 2014 sales are up 25 percent over 2013 at all locations that have been open for a year or longer.

As of New Year’s Day when the latest addition to the chain opens, there will be 19 b.good locations. The chain plans to add another 10 to 15 locations in 2015 in various areas, including the South Boston waterfront area, Connecticut and New Jersey.

No matter which b.good location customers visit, they can be sure that the food they are eating is local. The restaurant purchases food from farms within driving distance and post the food’s source on a chalkboard so customers know where it came from.

While some stores are corporate owned and other are franchises, all offer traditional shakes and burgers as well as healthy choices for the more diet-conscious. No matter what menu item you choose, b.good makes sure you get real food real fast.

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