Framingham Company Merges with NYC IT Provider

Framingham-based VP Solutions Inc., and another national information technology service company, have confirmed they are merging to better capitalize on market opportunities in the the IT and digital industries. This trend of mergers continues throughout the industry as companies look to acquire and leverage assets they don’t possess internally. As technology continues to evolve and disrupt business practices, companies are compelled to respond quickly and resourcefully to ensure their spot in the marketplace.

VP Solutions has developed its reputation and position in the legal service sector, and is planning to expand its base with a new range of services and products by leveraging the assets and expertise of If well executed, the synergy produced by the companies joining forces has the potential to transform the industry. This merger will provide customers with improved engineering, customers service, and cloud computing solutions, among other digital innovations and applications.

Naturally, top executives at both firms are hoping for positive results for company shareholders as well as for their respective internal teams. They believe equity members will seek rising growth and value in their ownership stakes. Employees can expect to receive exposure to new knowledge points and innovative skills that will bolster their careers and earnings potential within the company for years to come.
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