Manufacturing Day 2014

For the past three years, the annual observance of Manufacturing Day has been a time for manufacturers from across the United States to come together as a group in a concerted effort to take charge of the nation’s perception of the industry and to demonstrate the different ways domestic manufacturing benefits local, national and global economies.

This year, these voices will be heard on Friday, October 3.

There is currently a significant labor shortage in the U.S. manufacturing sector and, while there is a strong economic drive to reshore manufacturing operations, domestic companies face a real hurdle when it comes to maintaining a sustainable workforce. Not only does Manufacturing Day provide companies with an opportunity to shape the industry’s image, it also gives them a chance to reach out to the younger generation, with many companies inviting local students to tour their facilities and learn more about the industry.

One example of a local company that had this figured out well over a decade ago is Lampin Corporation, a precision machining company in Uxbridge, MA. This year, Lampin will be recognizing Manufacturing Day in a manner consistent with it’s intended purpose of spreading the message about, and generating interest in, the manufacturing industry. They will be hosting at least 40 students from local high schools who, during their tour of the factory and after hearing from several of Lampin’s employee-owners, will gain valuable insight about the manufacturing industry that would be difficult (if not impossible) to accomplish in a traditional classroom.

The benefits of working in such a creative industry are many, and the annual observance of Manufacturing Day serves as a reminder that the sector is in the unique position of being able to turn ethereal concepts into finished products ready for market, and driving the economy forward in the process.

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